Gender Reassignment Surgery in Delhi

Gender Reassignment Surgery / Sex Change / Transgender Surgery / Male to Female Surgery

Bottom surgery involves removal of the testicles and use of penile skin for vulvoplasty and labiaplasty. Sigmoid colon for vaginal construction gives the best results. Patients generally require Hormone Replacement Therapy. Other surgeries which are needed for transformation of male into female include Breas-t augmentation, facial feminization surgery, voice feminization surgery, buttock augmentation, adam’s apple reduction. Augmentation Mammoplasty Breas-t enlargement surgery is performed to expand the size of small Breas-ts or to improve the position of nipples. Masculine hips are generally smaller than feminine ones. Hence, these patients require buttock augmentation with either implant or fat grafting.

Some patients go for voice modulation surgery or Laryngeal Chondroplasty that changes the frequency or pitch of the voice in order to make it more feminine.

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