6 Pack Abs or High Definition Liposculpture

6 or 8 pack abs or High Definition Liposculpture is the latest craze in cosmetic surgery & body contouring. It is a surgical procedure that involves suctioning of fat right beneath the skin and around the abdominal muscles, and then sculpting the lines along their natural contours. It is done by Vaser Liposuction that takes about 3-4 hours or more under general anaesthesia. The final result is usually seen by 3 - 6 months post-operatively.

A young patient with good skin elasticity, an ideal body weight and in good general health is an ideal candidate. The patient is advised to exercise regularly and not to gain or loose weight suddenly. If one is overweight, the patient is encouraged to lose weight. If one has excess loose hanging skin with poor elasticity, it is advisable to undergo a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty first and subsequently, four to six months after the tummy tuck, the patient can return for high definition liposculpture surgery.

After the surgery, analgesics and antibiotics are given. Immediately after the six-pack abdominal surgery, a compression garment is applied which helps to minimize swelling or edema. Some amount of fluid drains out post surgery, which is perfectly normal, and one can change the dressings and pressure garments subsequently. There maybe thin drains placed to suck out extra fluid for a few days for better contour definition.

Usually, the six-pack abdominal procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. Multiple small incisions are placed on the abdominal wall. Tumescent fluid is injected following which Vaser Liposuction is done and the abdominal wall fat is suctioned out. Further liposuction is used to sculpt the rectus muscles and their transverse insertions. This leads to a sculpted six-pack abdomen. Pads and compressive garment are placed immediately after surgery. Usually, there are five-six incisions placed on the abdominal wall for this procedure. One incision is placed in the belly button. Two other incisions are placed below the belt line. Two more incisions are placed in the midline between the sternum and the belly button.

These two incisions allow for the creation of the horizontal, transverse abdominal insertions. Normal routine deskwork can be resumed within 5-7 days of surgery. Normal walk can be resumed within 10-12 days but heavy exercises, working out in gym or swimming can be resumed only after 4-6 weeks of surgery. During the six-pack abs surgery, fat cells are permanently removed.

Results should last long. But in case of weight gain, the results will be less defined. We therefore recommend all our patients to be on regular exercise and diet regime so as not to gain excess weight which help in maintaining long term good results.