Penile Lengthening and Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Penile lengthening is a surgical technique used to gain length with division of the penile suspensory ligament. This is the most common penis-lengthening surgery and allows the penis to hang lower. Upto 1-2 inches of length can be gained but to maintain the result, a penile traction device should be used in the post-operative period for atleast 6-8 weeks. Some patients can also have excess fat removed from the pubic area by surgical excision or liposuction. Penile girth can also be increased with fat grafting upto an inch.

We recommend the patient to take bath the very next day and keep the area clean and mop it dry. No rubbing or manipulation of the area is permitted for 4-6 weeks. Sexual Intercourse & forceful rubbing of the area should be avoided for atleast 4-6 weeks after penile lengthening and upto 3 months after penile augmentation with fat grafting. No strenuous or rigorous exercises such as jogging, weight lifting, cycling or stretching are permitted 1-2 months post surgery.

For penile augmentation with fat grafting, a touch up procedure may be required at 3 months post-operatively.

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