Breas-t Augmentation In Delhi

Loose, sagging Breas-ts are a common problem seen in women following childbirth and lactation. Breas-t augmentation is an excellent option for regaining those youthful curves. Silicone implants are inserted to restore volume and shape of the Breas-ts. Ideal candidates include women following childbirth. It can also be used in congenitally small Breas-ts or for correction of Breas-t asymmetries. Implants come in various sizes and shapes. The choice of an implant is made following a detailed examination and a discussion of the optimal results with the patient. The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia. It’s a short duration surgical procedure. Post op care mandates the use of supportive bras to ensure patient comfort. Heavy exercises and driving are prohibited after the surgery for a few weeks. Fat Grafting or Lipoinjection is another option for small volume plumping of Breas-t such as cleavage creation. Fat is aspirated from the abdomen or thighs, processed and  injected with fine cannulas. The advantage of lipo injection is the soft, natural feel of fat with longevity of results.

Breas-t Augmentation procedure is suitable for patients with small Breas-ts, one who desires a deeper cleavage, loss of Breas-t volume due to natural aging or Breas-t feeding, and Breas-t asymmetry. It is also warranted for loss of Breas-t size & shape due to Massive weight loss as also along with abdominoplasty as part of Mummy makeover. This procedure usually combines Breas-t enhancement & abdominoplasty to give very gratifying results.

Breas-t implants are usually placed using incisions which are hidden and therefore not conspicuous. There are three main types of incisions used in placing an implant. These are:

  • Inframammary: This incision is placed in the crease below the Breas-t. It is around 4 to 5 cms long depending on the size of the implant. This is a hidden area which becomes almost invisible over the course of time.
  • Periareolar: This incision is made around the aerola, at the junction between the aerola and Breas-t skin. This incision has a limitation in case a very large implant is being placed. It is more visible than an inframmary incision and so not preferred by most surgeons.
  • Axillary:  This is made in the armpit along the armpit crease. It is technically more demanding than the above two incisions. Though preferred by many, it is a little more prone to infection on account of the bacterial load in the area. Surgeons usually use an endoscopic approach when inserting an implant via this incision.

Dr. (Col.) Vijay Langer, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon practicing in South Delhi is a well-known Breas-t augmentation surgeon. He performs this procedure with utmost precision and finesse. Only the best quality implants and the latest techniques are applied which reduce downtime and promote healing. At Langersculpt, we offer Breas-t implant surgeries which are completely safe and reliable and are done at an affordable cost.

The surgery is a day care procedure and the patient can return home the same day. Patient may have some swelling, bruising & discomfort in the first 24-48 hours. This is only temporary and diminishes as the recovery proceeds. Patients can start their daily routine work from next day after the surgery and can go for a walk etc. Patients are generally able to return to office within a week. However, a period of 3 to 6 weeks is essential before one resumes strenuous activities like jogging, workouts or weight training. Patient must avoids knocks, sudden movements when driving, lifting weights, etc., for approximately two week. The use of compression garment or compression bra for minimum 4 weeks after the surgery for the Breas-ts to maintain the contours achieved immediately after the surgery is highly recommended. During the first few days, it is normal for patient to see a difference between the two Breas-ts and this is due to the different amount of swelling on the two sides. Patient may also feel some discomfort during touch and this will feel strange. This usually disappears within a few days to weeks. After the swelling has reduced, it may take 2-3 month for the final shape to appear.

Breas-t Augmentation does not interfere with lactation. However, if large implants are used, then nipple sensation may be reduced temporarily for as long as month or two. Implants can last a lifetime in most cases. However, certain situations can arise when an implant may need to be removed or replaced. These include implant infection, capsular contracture or the rare event of implant rupture or leakage. The other scenario is when the patient wants a bigger implant to correct age related changes of sagging and stretching of Breas-ts. Breas-t revision is much more complicated and difficult than primary surgery. Revision surgery corrects problems in nipple placement, capsular contracture, asymmetric Breas-t location and implant movement.

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