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I had been thinking for some time now to get a head full of hair πŸ˜€ so I did some hunting and (trust me it was long….) The fact is that there are a lot of places where you can go for Hair transplant and I did go to 4-5 of them However I chose Langersculpt not only because he is an army officer Who does give you some added confidence but also because of the fact that Dr.( Col) Vijay Langer is a plastic surgeon with an eye for precision (and i know that for a fact now) Anyway as far as the review is concerned i will give him a 6 star out of 5 And i will tell you why stepwise. 1. Excellent pre procedural explaination 2. Progessionally competent team 3. Zero 0 Pain during the procedure and no pain for next 3 days (Bieng an anaesthesiologist myself I have an excellent knowledge for pain relief and the best part is that I didnt need to use that knowledge on me after or during the procedure) 4. Free Lunch 😁😁 5 Good talk all during the procedure 6 No complications whatπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ so ever πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ 7. clean scalp on Day 10 and a head full of hair 8. Most importantly Col Langer is not only an outstanding clinician but also a wonderful Human bieng I think a doctor inspiring confidence in the patient is an art that comes from experience and self confidence I would recommend. langersculpt to any one who would believe in what I said For those who wont I would say All the bests Congratulations Dr (Col) Vijay Langer @ Langersculpt and team for a wonderful procedure and a Happy and satisfied patient πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Regards
Arjun Joshi
11 Years earlier, I Akshay Darne, went through a Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for my deformed External Pinna (3rd Grade Microtia). In all this time, i have had to go for multiple surgeries. But that first experience and the memory of my beloved Dr.(Col.) V. Langer Sir remains fresh in my mind. He is one of the most dedicated and empathetic person I have met. I would highly recommend anyone in need to consider Dr. Langer Sir as their no. 1 choice. The post-op recovery was also very smooth. And the best part was that Dr. was so confident about every step, there were no surprises. He is very approachable after the in-person consultation to answer residual questions. Surprisingly, we are still in contact from past 11 years and he has been my Friend, Philosopher and Guide for my every ups and down be it academics or anything else.
Humble regards Lord Langer.
Thank you and regards !
Akshay Darne
Dr col Vijay Langer sir really nice person and great personality, excellent work, well behavior for their clients and for other also, me and my wife really glad to meet Dr Vijay Langer sir for cleft palate surgery, we are satisfied with great work by Dr col Vijay langer sir, I would like to say big thanks.
Mr Raj Veer
The personal touch and care of Col(dr) Vijay Langer is unique nevertheless...be it hair transplant or sculpturing.. The practice and techniques in his experienced cosmetic hands have been experienced by me personally. Such a pleasant one and still continuing... Thank you Sir!
Humann 67
Known Col Vijay for a long time. A thorough gentleman and a pleasant personality who is well qualified and competent. During my visit the doctor's demeanor put me at ease. The place is a highly impressive facility with updated and modern eqpt. I underwent my procedure in the best of hands in the business and the results have been smashing. COMING HERE IS LIKE DEALING WITH TRUSTED FAMILY.
Thanks sir
Cool Guy
Dr (Col) Vijay Langer is a terrific Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon with unimaginable aspects of patient care. He came into our difficult hours of life when my father was almost losing his leg due to a very bad necrotizing fasciitis. Not only he came and saw my father but guided me with all necessary options which could help me immediately at that time. His experience & expertise we experienced in the course of my father's surgery & post op management is really commendable. His soft and highly respectful manner of doctor patient interaction is very rare. He used to be very punctual and always there in time for each consecutive dressings & post op review days. He is a rare combination of grit with his Army background & compassion. Me & my family will always be indebted to you Dr Langer. Thanking my stars for getting you as my saviour that we could save my father's leg & his confidence in life. I Strongly recommend him for everyone. Lots of gratitude & blessings to you Dr. Langer!
Mr. Bindu Sajwan
Dr (Col) Vijay Langer is one of the finest plastic and reconstructive surgeons of India. After his brilliant academic performance in Graduation, Post Graduation and Superspeciality from the prestigious second best medical school of india, AFMC he served with extreme diligence in the Armed Forces. His work earned him many laurels. As he was determined to serve a wider specturm of deserving patients in the whole country he took premature retirement and dedicated his service for the general public of India. His pan India services in "Mission Smile '' was noteworthy taking him to Manipur, Hyderabad, Jodhpur and so on. Today, Through his clinic " Langersculpt" he caters to the people of India and abroad. He enhances looks, uplifts their morale, imbibes confides and creates a new life and face all by the deft movements of his fingers and hands. We are grateful to the almighty for giving us such a brilliant Surgeon. God bless him.
Mr. Arup Ratan Basu
I underwent gynocomastia surgery with Dr. Langer. I found out about him through Sitaram Bhartia hospital. I spoke with him on the phone and felt he was experienced, direct, trustworthy and friendly. I consulted with two other doctors, each of which was about 10-20k cheaper than Dr. Langer. However, my mother and I felt reassured meeting him and felt he was the best choice. I have since undergone surgery and completed one week post-op, including two follow-up appointments with Dr. Langer. So far we are very happy with our experience with Dr. Langer and his assistant. He is experienced and carried out the surgery with absolute confidence, while also ensuring that I was in a reasonable condition before I was discharged. His assistant, Harish, is calm, pleasant, and patient and ably assists the doctor. Dr. Langer is trustworthy and true to his word, had no hidden costs. He is also responsive post-op and conducts follow-ups with as much as enthusiasm as he did the surgery, even when the entire fees was paid to him in advance. I still have about a month or more to go before I complete my recovery, but with my experience so far I can confidently recommend Dr. Langer as an experienced, positive, reassuring, and trustworthy doctor. If you have doubts, at least meet him once for a consultation with good questions and decide for yourself.
Mr. Maadhav Anand Kumar
I met the best Doctor of my life! The Hospitality, Ethics, Hygiene, Customer care and above all the first class and love filled service is unbelievable!
Dr. Langer doesn't only have the experience but expertise as well. Whatever he says, he actually accomplishes it with results! The way he leads his team to the before, during and after the procedure makes the patient very confident in him.
At his hospital one comes as a patient and leaves as a permanent genuine friend and family! Will never forget the special treatment I received from you doc, Ruby Pa, Doll, and my male assistant there!
I would recommend all the people who want to have such treatment to look no further than the "Langer thing you didn't know"hahah I love Dr. Col. Langer my star Doc. God bless you and your beautiful family.
Miss Ashmat Nuri
We have had a fantastic experience working with Dr. Langer. Living in U.S, We had approached quite a few doctors for my wife's day care surgery, however we did not feel confident with the Doctors here. Meeting, Dr. Langer we felt confident and knew that he is experienced and highly skilled. He has very good bedside manners and was with us throughout the process. He also has a very good team. Thank you Dr. Langer
Mr. Nishant
I do not have words for Dr. Vijay. he holds a place next to god in my home. He treated my mother who had severe surgical site infection post spine surgery. it was a long and tough time which dr vijay and I already apprised of but he never let off his cool. He is a master at work and such a grounded human being, i would say it is very rare to find such a combination of perfection. i will always turn back to Dr Vijay for his Expertise. I wish Dr Vijay all the best for his future endeavors.
Monal Singh
Hello everybody. I'm Krishna kumar, age 54 Ex Servicemen. During my service, I had a cardiac problem. For one and half years I have got infected and suffered a lot because of my first pacemaker transplant. I'm grateful that later I was treated by Col Sir Vijay Langer. He is the person who did my later transplantation surgery. He has supported me so well during the surgery and still he checks up on my health conditions. Now I'm good and fine. I wish Dr. Col Langer Sir all the blessings and once again thank you for everything you did.
Mr. Krishnakumar
Dr Vijay Langer is a very competent and accomplished reconstructive surgeon. He has more than two decades experience. He possesses very neat surgical hands - his dexterity is exceptional. Dr Vijay Langer is also a compassionate doctor, listens to patients and their problems. Does honest practice with no greed. Strongly recommended for any surgical and plastic surgery treatment, including hair transplant and cosmetic surgery.
Mr. Manish
Dr. Langar performed a hair transplant and the results, as he had predicted, were excellent..I am glad that I consulted him on recommendation of a mutual friend and since then he has been my doctor as well as a friend. A thorough gentleman ex army, his professional skills and commitment are commendable. Ethical practice and transparency are his virtues.
Mr. Vishal Bhatia
Jai hind sir It's been a pleasure and wonderful experience to undergo hair transplant procedure at your clinic sir, You being a gold medalist in Mch plastic surgery and a senior plastic surgeon, you have cooperated and coordinated in every aspect of procedure. In terms of doctor patient relationship you are a wonderful, caring, kind and generous human being. Overall I am fully satisfied by hair transplant procedure sir thank you very much for your easy going and comfortable approach. Good day sir
Mr. Amar Prakash
So I went to the doctor for a scar in my nose. I was a bit concerned till the time I met Dr. Langer. The time he examined and explained the procedure I was relieved. I went through the whole procedure in months time and it was definitely an amazing experience that I can share with everyone. Dr. Langer and his staff has been absolutely professional and friendly. I would 100% recommend Langer Sculpt to my family and friends in need.
Miss Shalini verma
One stop shop for all your body sculpting needs and run by a surgeon who wields the scalpel like a gifted artist. Dr Langer - Godspeed
Mr. Tathagata Bose
Thank you so much Sir for your valuable support for my son treatment. You are a great Doctor. Thank you so much once again.
Mr. Raj Bakshi