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The day that we are born, we heal after trauma with scarring. These scars remain with us for life. There is no such thing as scarless surgery. The take home message is that scars never disappear. But it is the work of an experienced plastic surgeon to hide, camouflage and fade the scar well. Scars are prone to hypertrophy or increase in size especially in the child, unfortunately the age for most falls and injuries over the face. As we age, the quality of the scars improves till the elderly having very thin, threadlike scars. Caucasians and fair complexioned scar very well but darker skins are more prone to scar hypertrophy. The scar, especially after burns, is usually at its worst by 3-4 weeks of trauma and takes upto 6-12 months for maturation or becoming supple.

During this process, scar massage with ordinary cold cream helps. If the scar appears ugly, unsightly or hypertrophic, the plastic surgeon can choose between local steroidal infiltrations, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, surgical scar revision, local flaps, electrosurgical planning, carbon dioxide laser, fat grafting or PRP for the correction of scars. Hyperpigmented or dark scars can also treated with Laser and chemical peels. This process often requires multiple sessions before results are satisfactory.

Scar revision is used to treat longstanding scars which are well settled and supple. It usually involves excision of the scar in single or multiple sittings depending upon its size and location. This technique is very effective in converting broad scars into thinner, less visible ones. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia as an office/OPD procedure. Usually the sutures used are absorbable and dissolve on their own by 3-4 weeks.

Depressed scars can also be improved and camouflaged with the use of fillers or fat grafting. Another surgical method of scar treatment in Delhi NCR, especially suited for facial scars is the use of 2 plasty technique which re-orient scars along existing facial lines and creases making them less easily noticeable.

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