Vitiligo Surgery In Delhi

Vitiligo is a chronic condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. It is believed to be due to genetic predisposition that is triggered by an environmental factor such that an autoimmune disorder occurs. The treatment is essentially medical. After the treatment, and when the patches have been static and no more patches appear for at least 6 months, surgical treatment is carried out in the form of melanocyte transfer. A thin epidermal skin graft or blister grafts are harvested from the thigh and, melanocytes and keratinocytes as transferred to the recipient patch as a suspension with or without the use of cell culture, after it is denuded to the dermal-epidermal junction by dermabrasion or ablative carbon dioxide laser.

Non-cultured epidermal suspensions (also referred to as a melanocyte keratinocyte transplant procedure) has gained worldwide acceptance as a standard for vitiligo grafting, as it can be performed in a single office visit under local anaesthesia and does not require use of a laboratory. The results show by 3-6 months. For a few areas that do not show pigment, a similar touch up procedure may be done after 6 months.

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