Ear Contouring

Ear lobe repair:

Torn ear lobes is a very common problem which patients often present with. It is due to drag and the weight of heavy earrings. It is treated well surgically by freshening the edges. Closure can be done with or without sutures under local anaesthesia and as an office/OPD procedure. At Langersculpt, ear piercing is done at the same sitting. If the patient does not want stitches, freshening can be done with radio-frequency cautery and wound edges stuck together with tissue glue. But in this method, simultaneous ear piercing cannot be done as the "stuck wound" is not strong enough to allow earring placement. The surgery takes 30 minutes, and no bandages or dressings are required, and the sutures are removed after 7-10 days after the surgery.

Usually patients report for ear contouring or reshaping when they have congenital (since birth) or acquired (due to trauma or infection) external ear deformities. Types of congenital ear defects are varied in classification but commonly are microtia (small or no external ear), constricted, cup or lop ear (crumpled, shortened external ear), prominent ear, pre-auricular skin tags or a cleft lobule. Microtia treatment is multi-staged and started by the age of 7-8 years, after the adult size of the external ear is almost reached. Constricted or prominent ear deformities can be treated well with otoplasty, a surgical procedure that is either cartilage splitting or sparing. This procedure can be done in the pre-school age to prevent psychological trauma to the child due to ridicule. Pre-auricular skin tags are best treated with excision. Cleft lobule is treated also with repair, straight line closure or a Z plasty. Acquired external ear deformities are commonly due to trauma including human bite during a scuffle, an animal bite or also due to infections. These can be treated surgically with local flaps or even cartilage grafts harvested from the chest.


An ideal shape and size of the ear act as one of the most pre-eminent features of the face. The normal ear shape has a refined appearance and delicate shape with standard folds and creases. Some people are born with large or protruding ears that appear too large or stick out that may affect their appearance as well as the level of confidence. Many people also feel discomfort if their ears sit or protrude out far away from the head. Hence, people whose ears are not in perfect shape, size, or position can undergo otoplasty or corrective ear surgery at Langersculpt to get an ideal ear shape. The otoplasty surgery is also known as ‘ear setback’ or ‘ear pinning,’ and this helps to make the protruding ear appear less prominent. The procedure involves making incisions at the back of the ear, correction of skin, cartilage protrusion, and closure of the incision. The stitches created at the back of the ear also reshape or position the ear closer to the head. The incision is hidden behind the ear, and cartilage is also sculpted and sutured to create natural folds, decrease prominence, and give a more natural contour to the ear. A bandage may be needed around the head for supporting the ears to heal in the new position and protecting them from infection.

The patient may feel discomfort just after the surgery, which is normal and can be controlled by medication. The patient may feel itchiness under the bandages, but bandages must remain intact until complete healing. Ear surgery gives instant results when bandages are removed after the initial stages of healing. Surgical scars can be hidden when ears are permanently positioned closer to the head. The patient is advised to take proper rest for at least one week after this surgery; however, they can return home just after the surgery. The patient may notice some redness, swelling, and bruising on their ears for a few weeks. A full recovery may take about 6 weeks, and results are permanent. With otoplasty surgery, the prominent ears will look less protuberant, and they look much smaller. The surgery does not affect the hearing ability as the surgery alters the outer ear structure.

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