4D Body Contouring

4D body contouring combines various advanced technologies to reduce unwanted fat throughout the torso and reveal the muscle tone beneath. Firstly, Vaser is used to break down fat deposits and selectively remove them. This ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique is ideal for sculpting the abdomen because we can remove fat without damaging surrounding tissues. 4D body contouring doesn’t “create” abs by sculpting fat; rather, it accentuates or reveals the natural muscle tone by reducing the layer of fat covering abs in a very specific fashion. This can be associated with gynaecomastia correction in the male or fat grafting to the Breas-ts, buttocks, or other areas.

Vaser liposuction can be followed with fat injections to the Breas-ts, buttocks, or other areas. Because Vaser Liposuction removes fat more cleanly compared to older liposuction techniques, it is ideal for purification and re-injection. Fat injections can help us emphasize the chiseled look by accentuating the body’s contours.

Patients typically enjoy a shorter recovery after 4D body contouring compared to traditional liposuction, with minimal bruising and swelling. Most patients are back to work within the first week and are ready to gradually resume exercise within three to four weeks. Final results can be reached by 6 months or slightly longer and will last for years as long as the patient maintains a stable weight and continues with a healthy exercise and eating habit. If he/she gains weight or loses muscle tone, the sculpted appearance will diminish.