Dimple Creation Surgery In Delhi

A beautiful smile enhances one’s facial beauty. In many cultures, the appearance of dimples on the cheeks is a sign of luck and prosperity. Dimples may be inherited genetically and are present in both men & women that may appear unilaterally or bilaterally. The deeper facial muscles cause dimples through indentations in the skin layer. Dimples are most noticeable on the cheeks or chin. Advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it possible for anyone to get permanent dimples on their face by a simple surgical procedure.

Dimples are created surgically. Dimple creation surgery or dimpleplasty is a safe & simple procedure, if performed by an expert. It is an office and outpatient procedure. Both sides can be operated under local anaesthesia in the same sitting. In this surgery, to create the dimple, a scar is created in the dermis, through an incision inside the mouth, and a small amount of muscle is removed from the target side, and then absorbable sutures are used to create dimples. The mass of muscle removed and the depth of the sutures are adjusted precisely during the surgery to create more natural-appearing dimples or to get permanent tethering effect. Initially the dimple is seen at rest, but later once the absorbable suture dissolves by 3-4 weeks or slightly later, it becomes visible only once the patient smiles.

This procedure demands a short time for recovery. The patient is allowed to go home shortly after this surgery. The patient may feel mild swelling just after the operation that can be reduced by using ice packs. Prescribed antibiotics should be taken for faster healing. To eliminate the chances of infection, proper care and an antiseptic mouthwash should be used by the patient. The patient is restricted from making extreme facial expressions during the healing process.

After the surgery, the patient can resume with their normal activities, and can eat and drink normally. The consumption of soft food is advised for a few days. During the initial two days after the surgery, some inflammation will be there in the cheeks, but this is minimal and gets corrected within a few weeks. When the swelling is gone, one can see lovely dimples and a more appealing facial appearance.

The results of the dimple creation procedure are almost permanent unless some infection occurs causing the suture to give way till complete healing process has occurred.

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