19 Dec, 2022

Gynaecomastia, or Male Breast, Correction: Flat Chest Guaranteed!

Gynaecomastia, or Male Breast, Correction: Flat Chest Guaranteed!

Gynecomastia or male breasts, relates to any condition that results in excessive development of breast tissue in males. It can be of three types: excess of fat alone, presence of breast nodule or combination of both. It can affect any age but most commonly affects the young adolescent male or one in his early 20s. In 85% of cases, the cause is not known (idiopathic) but is usually because of an episodic mismatch of male and female hormones. It can also be caused due to many other conditions such as obesity, steroid consumption, intake of junk food and sodas, thyroid disorders, liver disease, and use of certain drugs and medicines.

Cosmetic correction is the commonest indication for surgery. It is required for the troubled adolescent who is often ridiculed at school and college, and feels embarrassed especially while going to a swimming pool. The other common reason for surgery is rejection on medical grounds for entry into the Army and other uniformed services. In most idiopathic cases, the condition will reverse in a few years, especially once the young male has predominant male hormone and female hormones have markedly reduced.

Stoppage of the causative drugs and treatment of medical conditions causing the ailment will treat secondary cases. However, most patients want surgical correction to get a flat chest! Surgery can be traditional Liposuction, VASER liposuction, surgical excision of the nodules or a combination of these techniques. For entry into the Army and other services, surgical correction is the only answer. For more information and a perfect flat chest, please book an appointment now with Dr. (Col.) Vijay Langer.

Ideal candidates for gynecomastia surgery:

1. Must be above 18 years of age.
2. Males who feel uncomfortable in going shirtless because of the swollen chest appearance.
3. Have tried diet and exercise to get rid of the chest fat but not achieved satisfactory results.
4. Must be in a good health state so that no conditions affect the healing process.
5. Self-conscious and uncomfortable about their chest appearance.

The benefits of Gynecomastia correction are myriad. One can easily perform their physical activities such as exercise without being conscious of their looks. It helps to achieve a more sculpted physique. It helps to overcome insecurities that one struggled with because of gynecomastia. One can go shirtless without worrying about their appearance. It creates a firmer and flatter chest appearance and boosts the self-confidence of men suffering from gynecomastia. A flat chest enables the patient to wear fitted clothing, and they can enjoy the beach and pool time without feeling self-conscious. Surgical correction improves body posture as it helps men to stand straight and taller. Gynecomastia can affect one’s posture as it causes the upper spine to become disfigured and rounder, and over time it can result in the formation of a permanent hump and chronic spinal pain. Poor posture is also a result of men trying to hide their prominent chest.

Usually, surgery is performed under general anaesthesia but as a day care procedure. The patient is sent back home the same day usually. Post-operatively, a pressure dressing is changed after two days and a customised pressure garment given to be continued throughout the day for about a month. Any sutures placed to close incisions are absorbable and dissolve on their own by 3-4 weeks or slightly longer. After the surgery, the operated area looks swollen and slightly bruised, especially after liposuction. Heavy exercises are prohibited for the initial few weeks after the surgery. The initial swelling starts settling by a week or so and markedly reduces by 3-4 weeks. However, even though the result is very gratifying in the immediate post-operative period, the final cosmetic result of the surgery is seen only by 3-6 months.

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